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On 1st July you officially take office as Club Treasurer.
Your responsibilities include:
1.    Managing Club funds
2.    Collecting and submitting dues and fees
3.    Reporting on the state of your clubs finances to the club and the board
4.    Developing a budget
5.    Preparing your successor

Before taking over it is recommended that you liaise and sit with the current treasurer in order to understand your role. Ask questions:
1  How are bank accounts set up?
2  How do members pay their dues – once yearly or at regular intervals?
3  What is the budget for the coming year?
4  What accounting system is in place?
5  What paperwork is required e.g. changing bank account details etc.?
Make use of the resources and links on this Page and for help and further details contact District Treasurer Doug Conkey, E: doug.conkey@bigpond.com  M: 0400 909 992