PETS Downloads

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Presidents-Elect Training Seminar PETS

The 2015 PETS was held in Young on the weekend of February 27- March 1. 
This site includes below downloads of the training information provided at PETS.
Welcome Overview                     PDG John Egan
DG  Aims  2015/16                      DGE Gary Roberts
Plan Your Year-The Process      Alan Sharp
      Blank planning sheet             Alan Sharp
New Online Directory                  Paul Murray
Leadership                                  Ron Walter
Conflict Resolution                      Marilyn Walter
Service Projects                          Peter Gissing
Risk Management and Ins          Sam  Catanzariti
         Insurance Handbook         Sam  Catanzariti                         
         Risk Mgmt Requirements  Sam  Catanzariti  
Administration                            Sue Gordon
Growing Your Club                     Russ Martin
Financial Responsibility              Doug Conkey
Public Image                               PDG John Egan
      RCC input form                     Paul Murray
Social Networking                      Lauren Slater
Calendar-Essential Dates          DGE Gary Roberts
Strategic Plan 2015-18               DGE Gary Roberts
Objectives for PETS included:
  • Prepare for your year as Club President
  • Gain information about Rotary and its main Programs
  • Contribute to a plan to grow our Membership
  • Have fun and enjoy ourselves

Further information - contact 2015-16 District Learning & Development Coordinator, John Egan on 02 6921 6270