So you want to do good in the world?
I think that Rotary has a big problem with marketing.

And by that I mean many of us, as Rotarians, have a big problem with how we tell our stories. I came to this realisation whilst visiting yours and others Rotary Clubs. Now this is not the fault of Rotarians per se, for they hear (at big Rotary activities) and then repeat comments like: "the Rotary Foundation needs your support it is our charity". And November is the month where we focus on the "Foundation".

The problem here is that the image conjured up in the mind of the non-Rotarian is of a charity to help struggling Rotarians - What a good idea, I here you thinking! Now these same people probably do not think that the Salvation Army appeal is to support the Army, nor that the Cancer Council supports the Council, or the Fred Hollows foundation supports ... and so on.
Let's recognise that we are in the business of promoting PEACE through peace scholars, fighting DISEASE, providing clean WATER, supporting EDUCATION, saving MOTHERS AND CHILDREN, and growing local COMMUNITIES AND ECONOMIES ... AND we do it through the Rotary Foundation!
OK having got that off my chest, ...
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