Promote Health - Fight Disease
When thinking about the theme for December - Disease Prevention and Treatment - the first thing I asked was "what constitutes a disease?"

The more I tried to define it, the more nebulous the term seemed. It was easier to define it by what it wasn't. So I turned to some learned sources. In a European Molecular Biology Organization report by Prof Jackie Leach Scully, in 2004 [obviously required reading for district governors crying ], she states:

"At first sight, the answer to “What is a disease?” is straightforward. Most of us feel we have an intuitive grasp of the idea, reaching mentally to images or memories of colds, cancer or tuberculosis. But a look through any medical dictionary soon shows that articulating a satisfactory definition of disease is surprisingly difficult. And it is not much help defining disease as the opposite of health, given that definitions of health are equally tricky." (see
Can we glean any clearer focus by reviewing the Rotary Foundation Areas of Focus? 
Let's see what they broadly cover - the importance of generational growth (Saving mothers and children, and Promoting peace), the need for informed development (Supporting education, and Growing local economies), basics of life are sustained (Providing clean water), and finally we need to be healthy if this is to be successful (Fighting disease).

The final component is therefore saying that whatever leads to poor health, and is not due to poor water or sanitation, poor education and stagnant economies and communities, must be treated and prevented from future occurrence.

During our travels to each Rotary Club in our district we noted many, many instances of Rotarians focusing clearly on health outcomes - both, locally to internationally through RAWCS projects, and general preparedness to help where needed.

And of course one of the major examples of this is our very own End Polio campaign, funded through our donations to The Rotary Foundation (TRF)....
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