Youth Exchange is more than just the club hosting an inbound student. Remember the benefit of the outbound Australian student when he or she comes back to Australia. They not only grow and mature in themselves, they contribute to the wealth and better understanding of Australia, both locally and internationally. Host families do not have to be Rotarians. There are ample families at schools, sporting and cultural groups and the wider community. What is needed is a good student/club councillor to be the conduit between student/families and the hosting clubs.
Applications for Rotary Youth Exchange are open NOW!
Instead of downloading the full application from the D9700 website ,a new and easy Preliminary application form is available from District Chair for Youth Exchange PP Judith Hall or the committee Secretary PP Sue Gordon
Judith Hall Young Chair 0457 843 210
Sue Gordon Young Secretary 6384 3383
The Rotary International Youth Exchange program provides school students with an opportunity to study and be hosted overseas for a year. The program furthers international goodwill and understanding and enables students to advance their education and broaden their own outlook. The program has high public recognition and extends Rotary to a wider community, crossing boundaries of age, race, nationality and religion.
Students act as ambassadors while they study and live in another culture. Outbound students and their parents receive detailed preparation in the several months prior to the exchange that occurs over one calendar year, followed by debriefing on their return. Rotary Clubs need to identify and screen candidates, with final selection, training and debriefing conducted by the Rotary D9700 Youth Exchange Committee.
Potential students should be identified several months before applications are due with screening at the Rotary Club level occurring in April, when the candidates are generally in Years 9, 10 or 11. Students who complete their Higher School Certificate Examination after 2014 will no longer be accepted into the program under new guidelines issued by the NSW Department of Education and Communities which excludes Year 13 students from future reciprocal exchange programs.
(see page 48 of the District Directory 2017/2018)