Posted by Michael Milston on Apr 24, 2019
What a great response from Rotarians at the recent Griffith D9700 Conference
We were inundated with stamps from far and wide. There were collections and stamp albums, someone even included their love letters inside the envelopes! (No we didn't read them, and suggested they might like to keep the contents wink)
Thanks to AG Elaine, these stamps will be taken to our contact in Melbourne who will prepare the stamps for sale.
YOU CAN HELP PREPARE THE STAMPS YOU SAVE. We have included a special guide to help prepare the stamps for sale.
Unfortunately Rtn Carrol, who did all this sorting and preparation out of love, has had to 'give up' that job due to family bereavement. We hope to have some good news about a replacement for Carrol, and will inform all Rotarians if and when it eventuates.
Thank you for helping to stamp out Trachoma, one lick at a time!