The germ of the idea is basically to create awareness and raise funds in D9700 for PolioPlus and the fact that by 2019 it should be eradicated or close to it, will help.  With 9 new cases of wild polio virus confirmed so far up to May 31st 2018.  I have my doubts that the declaration of the end of polio will happen for a while yet.  There still has to be 3 clear years before it can be declared extinct by WHO.
We have two Past District Governors looking after the initial committee and they are PDG Fred Loneragan and PDG Michael Milston.  We are in good hands.
We have started looking at the route that the relay will take and we have included every town and city in D9700 that has a Rotary club.  The total distance covered will be around 1,600 kms. over the month of March finishing at 5.00pm in Griffith on Friday afternoon the 29th March 2019.
Over the next month we will firm up the plans and the route.  As well how to raise funds for such a project from the public.  We are looking for a limited number of volunteers with cycling experience to join our committee.
Contact: John Glassford 0498 190 880 or email
The goal remains at $500,000
Taken in Kampala by myself November 2011 paralysed by poliomyelitis as a child