Posted by Michael Milston on Apr 27, 2019
HEALTH workers and social mobilisers who will be vaccinating every child and delivering life-saving messages to communities will now be recognised by vests donated by Rotary International (RI), reports the PNG Post Courier Online.
The report continues: 'District governor of Rotary International in PNG Wendy Protheroe said 10,000 jointly badged vests will be distributed to all health workers during the second phase which has been planned for this year.
“Rotary International has pledged and is supporting you as well in terms of being proactive and making sure we reach every child to get vaccinated.
“We have been raising funds for the vaccines for the campaigns and this is the first time the Rotary Foundation has done something about increasing the awareness.
“This is so that when health workers go out to give the vaccines, they are not threatened, chased away or attacked.” '