Peacebuilding isn't just an external activity for others in far away places - it is something very personal.
Creating a peaceful society doesn’t just mean preventing conflict. It also requires building better economic and social conditions by improving education, economic opportunity, and gender equality.
To make our societies more peaceful, we need people like you. The Rotary Positive Peace Academy, a free online course, can strengthen your peacebuilding skills:
  • Learn about peace and conflict issues and how to put Positive Peace into action in your community.
  • Get access to the most up-to-date information from the Institute for Economics and Peace in the 2019 Global Peace Index and Positive Peace Index.
  • Connect with other peace advocates to discuss how you're applying Positive Peace locally, and share stories, projects, and resources.
You’ll also earn a certificate when you complete the course.

Get started at and discover the strategies and tools that can help you build and sustain peace.

The Rotary Positive Peace Academy was created in partnership with the Institute for Economics and Peace, an international think tank dedicated to Positive Peace — the factors that contribute to peaceful societies.