Current membership chairs of Districts 9700 and 9710, Mary Brell and Judy Ford recently held a successful online meeting with club membership chairs and interested Rotarians to discuss membership. They were joined by Zone 8 Membership Development Officer, Barbara Mifsud. A YouTube video of the meeting is available to view here. The team has prepared an inventory of the membership resources discussed at the meeting and these are available now and are listed below.

From Mary:

 Mary Brell District Membership Chair (D9700)



  • Evan Burrell



From Judy:

 Judy Ford District Membership Chair (D9710)



  • Creatures of Habit – book by Mark Huddleston 

 From Barbara:

  • Barbara Mifsud

Regional Membership Officer – Zone 8 (Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands)

Rotary International South Pacific and Philippines Office – Parramatta

Ph: 02 8894 9850


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