Posted by John McKenzie
Already we are into August and the time has flown. Fayah and I have been busy with club visits and have reached the halfway point. It has been most enjoyable and has reinforced the power of Rotary to connect and change lives as our Rotary International President Mark Moloney has said. 
All clubs visited so far have been conscious of increasing our reach by exploring ideas to encourage more people to join us in our clubs and service activities. A useful resource can be found at which gives a range of ideas and tools to consider in making a club more attractive to new members.
It was a pleasure to be invited by the Rotary Club of Cowra to plant a tree at Europa Park, a tradition for all recent District Governors. We put on plenty of mulch so hopefully it will survive through  the drought.
This District Newsletter/bulletin is for all our members, so if you have something you would like to promote or have a good story to tell about club activities or a project please let me know.