2019 is here and we still have 6 months together with plenty ahead of us.
Our Goals for the next 6 months of the 2018-2019 Rotary year:
  1. Organise and hold a wonderful, happy, informative D9700 Conference in Griffith March 29-31.  This is our largest cost centre in our budget and the largest portion of your annual District fees.  We will keep you informed on a regular basis over the next 3 months.  Our fellow Rotarians in Griffith and Yenda are working hard to make sure this is a memorable conference.
  2. The Polio Plus PARADE or bike relay is definitely on and we will have further details early in January.  This is one great way to raise awareness of what we do in the world and a very good way to support our Foundation through Polio Plus.  We are very close to the programme and as soon as we all get back from our holidays we will make the final decisions.
  3. Membership we are static, a wee bit up, then a wee bit down.  We must continue the ideas to increase our membership well into 2019 and leave our District with a growing membership.  Happy to come along for any membership inductions.  We will have an incentive for all new members inducted in 2018-2019 to attend the Griffith 2019 Conference.
  4. Rotary Means Business fellowship chapter is still on the agenda and we will do this after the Griffith 2019 Conference.
  5. Legacy Australia project.  This was one of our goals at the start of the year and once we have the Griffith 2019 Conference done and dusted we will look at doing this for Legacy Australia.
Over the next three months I will give the Griffith 2019 Conference and the Polio PARADE 100% of my Rotary time.  We still have so much to do and do not forget those who are coming in for club and District 2019-2020 duties, with John McKenzie as your Governor, to attend PETS and Assembly please!
All the very best for a wonderful 2019.
DG John Glassford