G ‘day
We are ready!  I have been well trained and very well prepared to take over from DG George Weston.  Thank you DG George and Carol for your service, availability and advice over the past two years.  Our D9700 is better for your hard and diligent work as our Governor, with Carol, a great team.
I have consulted with many of our Rotarians in D9700, and beyond, as I prepared for this time in my life and my sincere thanks to you all.  My mentor for the past many years has been and will continue to be my mentor, and good friend, is PDG Fred Loneragan.  I will be forever grateful to Fred and Rae for their support, encouragement and above all sage advice.
Our Communications and Public Image Director Paul Murray has done a superb job on our Club Runner website and D9700 Directory.  Thank you Paul and of course Carolyn, you guys walk the talk.
To all our Rotarians and Partners in District 9700, have a great Rotary year and let us work together as a team for our communities that we serve.  Our villages, towns and cities would be so much the poorer if Rotary was not part of their community.  Rotary is needed more now than ever before, even in this, the 21st Century.
July, August and September are the months that we will visit your clubs with a few in October.  Looking forward to the visit and in most cases it will not be the first time that I have visited your club.
The 2018-2019 D9700 Team is there to support your club and your members.  Never hesitate to contact anyone of us on the D9700 Board or your Assistant Governor.  We have a very good team in place and it is about team work.
Together Everyone Achieves More
As your Governor I look forward to receiving your club bulletin so that I can keep up with all that you do for your members, your community and around Australia.  I am also very interested in your work on an International scale and of course our Foundation.
Please send your emails to me here: John Glassford: jacksflat@gmail.com
Above all have fun set your goals high and tell everyone what you are doing.
Finally my love and thanks to Susan for her support and understanding as we embark on this Rotary year.  Susan and I make a good team and we will do our best for our D9700 and will not let you down.
Yours in Rotary
DG John Glassford