Yes the RYPEN weekend was another huge success. Numbers were down as discussed however we had 44 participants from 16 Clubs plus 9 leaders (ex RYPENians that attended the 2018 Youth Leadership Training) and 4 mentors (ex leaders).
Daniel Burns (Wollundry Rotarian and my fellow RYPEN organiser) plus Steve Barker (from I Am Enough Coaching) supervised the camp and carried out various presenting roles. Attached is the weekend program. We were lucky to have some wonderful local speakers and also very lucky again to hear from Jonathan Doyle.
We had excellent weather yet again and the Borambola staff were fantastic as always and ran activities including indoor rock climbing, team building initiatives and raft building and we finished the weekend off with a mud run on the newly constructed course.
Saturday evening we run a session with Andrew Strano, an ex-Wagga musician, actor, writer, director and drama teacher doing many creative games and a spectacular improvisation session that gets everybody outside their comfort zone but in such a way that they have an amazing time and loads of fun.
The whole weekend is built on kindness, looking out for each other, letting down your barriers and knowing it's okay to fail. There is always some awkwardness at the beginning but literally within a couple of hours everybody is on board and having the time of their life. Some of the "coolest, I don't want to be here" kids have already sent messages saying they want to come back next year as a leader.
This is my fifth or sixth year running RYPEN and the third year we have had the Youth Leadership Team (YLT). The difference between RYPEN with and without the YLT is astounding. With youth leaders, the participants engage immediately and try harder, leading to much bigger gains in their self confidence and personal growth over the weekend, and on top of that we are giving our leaders valuable life skills based on the principles of leading by serving. Daniel and I are very proud of how the YLT program is working and how it has tangibly improved the RYPEN weekend.
Kind regards Darren Wallace https://www.facebook.com/rypen9700/