The Transition team met again recently and finalised parts of the new District.  The January update that was distributed to clubs and members is still current and is available for viewing here.  This update has maps and diagrams showing district 9705 and the structure that will be formed.
Since that update the transition team has in conjunction with the focus teams compiled a draft constitution and bylaws for the new district.  This will be sent to our lawyers in Melbourne soon for their input and finalizing prior to it being distributed to all members for voting at a later date this calendar year so that the incorporation, constitution and bylaws have been lodged with NSW Fair trading so as of 1st July 2020 District 9705 can operate as an incorporated body.
Area Governors:
We have received applications for these six positions within the new District and the applicants will be interviewed by the nominating committee comprising of 9700 & 9710 current DG’s, DG’sE and DGN Michael Moore during the week commencing 27th May 2019.  Training for these Area Governors will take place at Young on the weekend of 31st August and 1st September 2019.
Youth Exchange
A request has been received from the joint YEP committee that the current youth policies from 9710 be adopted as an interim measure for use for the students going overseas in January 2020 under the banner of the new District.
District 9705 Policies
DGN Michael Moore is currently compiling his new Board which will consist of Himself, DGE, DGN, Secretary, Treasurer and 2 Area Governors.  When this Board is finalised which will hopefully be later this calendar year they will meet and look at policies and position mandates that will be required for our new district so they will be ready for implementation on 1st July 2020.  The current policies and mandates within Districts 9700 and 9710 will be used as templates for this.
District Governor 2021-22
Currently the application period for the Governor for the second year of District 9705 has been extended and we are still looking for applicants for this position.  If you are interested or now of a Rotarian that may be please contact your current Governor or DGN Michael Moore.
District 9670 proposal to joining 9705.
The voting for this proposal closed in April and the results were:
12 Clubs for, 32 Against and 40 clubs abstained or just didn’t care and never returned their voting slips.  As a result of this District 9650 have been asked to consider having 9670 join them.  We are led to believe that the final outcome of this proposal will be decided at the RI August Board meeting.  The RI Policies state that regarding voting on a districting proposal that if the majority of clubs vote against the proposal it will fail.  In our case the majority of clubs either abstained or did not vote so there still is the possibility that RI may make the decision that 9670 joins with 9705. 
District Assets
Both Governors of 9700 and 9710 have been asked to compile a list of assets owned by both districts so that a decision can be made as to what is to happen to these assets on the winding down of the districts.  If you have district assets in your possession please advise your Governor what they are and in what condition they are in.