As I indicated in an earlier email, RAWCS in association with the Australian District Governors has established an overarching project to receive donations for the Bushfires. At the time of writing over $600,000 had been donated. Within the two Districts 9700 and 9710 a Bushfire Recovery Committee has been established to coordinate the efforts of the Districts in assisting those affected by the fires. The Committee is chaired by PDG Phil Armstrong form Moruya and has members PP John Mercer (District 9710 RAWCS Chair), PP Chris Finkle (District 9700 RAWCS Chair, PP Fred Fawke (District 9710) and PP Ken Engsmyr (District 9700). As you will notice several of the members are also involved with our joint District Drought committee. Committee Chair Phil Armstrong is also the representative on the DG Bushfire Relief group which has members from all the affected Districts and will be working with RAWCS on the distribution of funds from the donations.
The role of the District Committee is to provide support, resource access and information to Clubs involved in Bush Fire Recovery. Note this may change if we become involved in distribution of funds.
A dedicated webpage on the District website will be set up that will highlight contacts of all Local Rotary Bushfire Committees, provide information or links to available support for bush fire recovery (Rotary and non-Rotary), and information on the activities of local Rotary recovery activity.