PDG Gary and Marilyn Roberts
This will be my last newsletter as District Governor and I wish to make a few comments prior to inclusion of this month’s business.
Marilyn and I have enjoyed this past year immensely and feel privileged to have been able to represent Rotary. At this time we thank all those members who have made our year memorable and granted us the honour of leading the district. We will leave the job happy, tired and inspired by the members and clubs who dedicate themselves to continue in Service Above Self.
RI President Ravi asked us to be a Gift to the World and I have tried to keep this in perspective thought the year. I wanted from the beginning at PETS to include our partners in the president’s year ahead and take every opportunity to recognise and acknowledge our partners' support. I have been thrilled to see this theme resonate around the district as clubs and individuals sought to apply their talents to this purpose. Numerous clubs have taken up the challenge and made awards to partners and community leaders deserving of recognition.
Our combined giving across the district to Rotary Foundation has exceeded my expectations and we are about to achieve a record year. I am thrilled to note that 100% of our clubs have contributed to Foundation this year, which is a new first for the District. It is wonderful to know that clubs have contributed to humanitarian aid through Rotary Foundation whilst continuing to serve their local communities. Well done to you all.
I had a vision for my term as District Governor and for the District Conference and remain happy and excited by the outcomes. I hope we can continue to grow an awareness for Rotary and make our clubs “The place to be”.
Membership continues to be an issue across many of our clubs however, I am pleased to note that we have halved the rate of members resigning. At the outset I determined we had a need to improve retention of members as we were losing as many as we gained throughout the year. We have slowed the rate of loss and need to focus on inducting new members as well as retention. “We need to stop the leak before we fill the bucket.”  We all need to be vigilant with our members and this is a long term project.
It has been an exciting and rewarding year and we look forward to the future and our involvement in Rotary.
Gary -