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Bushfire Recovery Committee
The role of the Rotary District 9705 Bushfire Recovery Committee (DBFRC) is to assist Rotary clubs to coordinate their responses to bushfire recovery within the boundaries of the district.

There are several other participants in the bushfire recovery effort including government agencies, charity and community organizations, businesses and corporations, and individuals. To maximise the overall effort Rotary should actively explore opportunities for cooperation with such entities. It makes no sense for us to compete. The DBFRC stands ready to assist clubs to coordinate responses to maximise benefits for bushfire victims.

Communities and individuals impacted by bushfires will have different needs. A one-size-fits-all approach is therefore unlikely to be effective. Clubs, or clusters of clubs within a local government area, should be in the best position to connect with their communities, assess needs, and plan responses. The DBFRC’s role is to assist clubs, not to direct them.

The DBFRC has been appointed by RAWCS to manage project funds provided to the district under the RABS and RACG programs. Links to program guidelines and application processes are provided on this webpage.
Useful Links

Federal bushfire recovery
Burrumbuttock Hay Runners
Red Cross
NSW Government bushfire
 The Salvation Army
 recovery assistance  Blaze Aid
Givit  St Vincent de Paul
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DBFRC Chairman
Phil Armstrong
   DBRC Secretary
John Mercer
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Offer to assist
The best ways to assist are to do- nate money or volunteer your time to help.
Donating goods and services can be helpful, but an over- abundance of goods that we cannot deploy quickly can absorb time and finan- cial resources and impede recovery work.
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 and skills
Goods and services that are need- ed right now include:
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 goods or services
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These procedures and forms are for the use of Rotary clubs that wish to apply for access to RAWCS or RACG funding.

Bushfire Recovery Committee

  •  Strategic plan

Policies and procedures:

  •  Club bushfire recovery plan
  •  Communications strategy


  •  RAWCS homepage
  •  RABS project guidelines
  •  RACG project guidelines


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