PARADE Registration
            Information Required
Identify the leg/legs you will riding in:
In registering for the PARADE the first step is to identify which leg/legs of the ride you will be riding in. At your right is a listing of all 28 legs.  Please review the list  and identify  your starting and finishing leg. As an example...if you are riding:
  • JUST ONE Coolamon to Junee, your start leg would be 7 and your finish leg would be 7
  • SEVERAL from Coolamon to Cootamundra, your start leg would be 7 and your finish leg would be 9 
  • ENTIRE 25 DAY RIDE... from Griffith to Griffith , your start leg would be 1 and your finish leg would be 28
After you have identified your Start and Finish legs, write them down as you will be asked to enter them in the next few pages.  
Save Time by using your ClubRunner account:
The next page will ask you for your name, email, phone etc.  You will also be asked, if you are a District 9700 Rotarian, for your  ClubRunner Username and Password.  You can save yourself some valuable time by entering your username and password and letting ClubRunner populate the Registration form for you.
Below is the latest version of the route and the clubs involved.
When you are ready..... click on the Blue "Click here to Register" button.