I would like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU.
Thank You for the opportunity to represent the District as your Governor and for the new friends and acquaintances I have been fortunate enough to have made while travelling in the District and beyond.
We are blessed in District 9700 to have the depth of Rotary experience and knowledge to provide willing mentors and advisors for this and other roles and I will look forward to thanking those who have offered me that support and knowledge base.
We have achieved much in this last year and the whole District is able to share I that sense of pride that I certainly feel.
We have seen the establishment of:-
  • a new Rotaract Club, (Griffith)
  • our first Interact Club, (Bathurst)
  • our first Rotary Action Group (RAGES),
  • a Global Grant to Nepal,
  • a nett increase in membership, (approx 2%)
  • a successful new approach to Conferencing,
  • and we are still working on the formation of a new club, our first eclub which I hope will be completed before the end of June,
  • We have generously donated as both individual Clubs and the District to disaster areas such as Vanuatu and Nepal,
  • While still in its infancy we have joined every other District in Australia to have its own Paul Harris Society, one you should consider joining,
  • Many Clubs have begun to “Lighten Up Rotary” by simplifying protocols and have subsequently seen an upward swing in membership – coincidence? Probably not!
  • For the tech savvy we have successfully increased the exposure of our District projects through a PR vehicle called facebook – (thanks Julie Stott)
As a group of like-minded people we achieve many great things and without the District Secretary, District Treasurer, Foundation Director, Conference Chair, Assistant Governors, District Directors, Chairs, Coordinators, Trainers, Newsletter Editors and their spouses much of that work may not be completed – so, THANK YOU everyone that helps.
A special thanks to a couple of people that have been essential in maintaining my equilibrium through this year – you know who you are!